Moon Griffon Featured on Primetime Television Program (VIDEO)

Gun Rights

The “Voice of Louisiana” was heard on primetime national television Tuesday night!

Newsmax’s “Stinchfield” runs in the 8/7 PM time slot as four-time Emmy award winning journalist-turned-anchor Grant Stinchfield hosts the popular show. Well, in a segment during which he focused on the four Louisiana Republicans who voted in favor of the Constitutional Carry bill in the Regular Legislative Session but did not vote in favor of it on Tuesday in the Veto Override Session, he said these legislators are “sticking it to gun owners” and are “turning (their) back on the Constitution and (their) constituents.”

“The charade needs to stop,” exclaimed Stinchfield. “Trading votes or even no-show votes for a high-paying state job is disgusting.”

Stinchfield & Senators Foil and Bernard, Youtube via NRA

Moon Griffon has focused on these four legislators – Ronnie Johns of Lake Charles, Patrick Connick of Marrero, Franklin Foil of Baton Rouge, and Louie Bernard of Natchitoches – for the last few weeks. As a matter of fact, you can listen to Moon’s rant against Johns, Moon says he thinks Johns is using the surgery as an excuse not to go against Gov. Edwards, who has the power to appoint Johns to be the next gambling commissioner. Stinchfield references and even plays audio from Moon’s rant below.

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Meanwhile, the NRA is calling out Connick, Foil, and Bernard for changing their votes on the Constitutional Carry bill. NRA-ILA Louisiana State Director Matt Herriman joined Stinchfield about midway through the segment to shed more light on the bill’s failure to pass the Louisiana Senate in the veto override session.

NRA Calling out Senators, Youtuve via Newsmax

You can WATCH the entire segment on “Stinchfield” below:

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