Delaware: General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die

Gun Rights

Yesterday, the General Assembly adjourned sine die from its 2021 legislative session. During this session, the General Assembly continued its erosion of Second Amendment rights by passing House Bill 125, to essentially end the centuries-old practice of home-built firearms for personal use, to ban existing home-built firearms, and to restrict free speech on firearms design. It is currently before Governor John Carney for his consideration.

Fortunately, Senate Bill 3, to impose Maryland-style handgun licensing and a state registry of transfers, and Senate Bill 6, to ban many ammunition magazines in common use over an arbitrary limit, were defeated this session.

Please continue to contact Gov. Carney and ask him to veto HB 125.

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NRA will be back in Dover for the 2022 legislative session. In the meantime, please stay tuned to and your email inbox. 

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