Arizona: Legislature Adjourns Soon, Self-Defense Bill Awaiting Senate Vote

Gun Rights

The Arizona Legislature may adjourn as soon as today. House Bill 2840, a critical self-defense bill, is still sitting in the Senate awaiting floor action. Please contact your state senator and ask them to promptly SUPPORT HB 2840.

House Bill 2840 allows law-abiding citizens to store their loaded firearms in their locked personal vehicles while parked on school grounds. This ensures that parents are able to pick-up and drop-off students without first having to stop and unload their firearms before driving onto school grounds, or deviating from their route to park off-campus. So-called “gun-free zones” are arbitrary boundaries that only disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless, while doing nothing to deter criminals.

Again, please contact your state senator and ask them to SUPPORT HB 2840.

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