California: San Jose Puts New Restrictions on Firearm Businesses

Gun Rights

On June 15th, the San Jose City Council unanimously passed File 21-1393, to place additional restrictions on firearm businesses, on top of the many existing city, state, and federal laws. It is expected to go into effect in September.

File 21-1393 requires licensed firearm dealers to obtain a city “Firearm Business License” for retail sales or transfers of any firearm or ammunition. Further, the measure requires licensees to record audio and video of every firearm and ammunition transaction and prohibits licensees from selling firearms or ammunition out of residences. 

Licensed firearm dealers are already heavily regulated, with California having some of the most stringent laws, on top of existing federal laws and regulations. Additionally, licensed dealers in California already record information on all purchasers of firearms and ammunition. The proposed ordinance will only add to the complexity and cost of operating a small business, which will, in turn, be passed on to consumers. Criminals will continue to bypass lawful channels and will benefit from California’s soft-on-crime approach.

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