Aker Leather Holsters Release Numerous Optics-Ready Models


The carry optics movement remains white hot, with more companies launching guns and gear seemingly weekly. Now Aker Leather Holsters just announced well over a dozen new variants to fit pistols equipped with red dot sights.

Aker Leather Holsters Releases Optics-Ready Models

The redesigned holsters specifically fit many popular red dots. Fits include Leupold, Trijicon, Halycon and SIG Sauer ROMEO1. The holsters also come in multiple styles and designs, both duty and concealed carry. Aker now offers four On-Duty and nine Off-Duty holsters adapted to fit optics. Some of the holsters also accommodate tactical lights and/or suppressor-height sights.

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The new holsters fit a wide array of pistol designs. For even more info, please visit akerleather.com.

Optics-Ready On-Duty Holsters

  • 114 Nightguard Low Ride Duty Holster*
  • 115 Nightguard High Ride Duty Holster*
  • 118 Blue Line Drop Loop Duty Holster
  • 119 Blue Line High Ride Duty Holster

Optics-Ready Off-Duty Holsters

  • 144 D.A. Paddle Holster
  • 144A D.A. Open Top Paddle Holster
  • 146 Specialist Belt Slide Holster
  • 146A Specialist Open Top Belt Slide Holster
  • 154 Yaqui Slide
  • 167 Nightguard Holster*
  • 167A Nightguard Open Top Holster*
  • 170 FlatSider XR14 Straight Draw Holster
  • 170A FlatSider XR15 Straight Draw Open Top Holster
  • 178 Hugger XL Belt Slide Holster
  • 267 Nightguard Paddle Holster*
  • 267A Nightguard Paddle Open Top Holster*
  • (*accommodates weapon lights)
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