Maine: Multiple Pro-Gun Bills Scheduled for Public Committee Hearing

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, May 5, the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee will hold public hearings on several pro-gun bills.  It is critical that committee members hear from NRA members and Second Amendment supporters.  Please act now!  Contact members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and ask them to SUPPORT LDs 884, 1179, and 1286.

Legislative Document 884  prohibits the Department of Public Safety from retaining any information or data concerning firearm purchases within the activities performed by the Department’s information analysis center.  Allegations made against the Department, over the past year, have alleged that the Maine Information and Analysis Center has stored applications to purchase firearms within the center, contrary to current law.

Legislative Document 1179 requires a majority vote of each Chamber of the Maine Legislature and approval by the Governor for any use of a law enforcement officer or agency in a federal firearm confiscation or buy-back program.  Gun buy-back programs have proven to be significant failures and a waste of taxpayer dollars, with no noticeable impact on crime.

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Legislative Document 1286 directs the Department of Public Safety to apply to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for an exemption from background checks under the national instant criminal background check system (NICS) for individuals who possess a valid concealed weapons permit.  This bill would ensure individuals who have already been vetted by NICS can purchase firearms without delay and decrease the burden on the FBI’s system by reducing redundant background checks.

Again, please act now and ask members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to SUPPORT LDs 884, 1179, and 1286. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are also encouraged to testify or submit written testimony You must be signed-up to testify remotely, 30 minutes prior to the start of the hearing.

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