Arizona: Senate Concurs On Frivolous Lawsuit Prevention Bill

Gun Rights

Today, the Arizona Senate concurred with the House’s amendments to Senate Bill 1382, to protect Second Amendment rights from frivolous lawsuits and to ensure that access to the Second Amendment remains protected during emergencies. It now goes to Governor Doug Ducey for his signature. Please contact Gov. Ducey and ask him to sign SB 1382 into law.

Senate Bill 1382 protects firearm dealers, manufacturers, distributors, etc., from frivolous lawsuits for the criminal or unlawful use of their product. While federal law currently has this protection, as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), President Biden has promised to repeal the PLCAA as a main part of his assault on the Second Amendment. Prior to Congress passing PLCAA in 2005, 34 states passed similar laws on their own. With this measure, Arizona can add an additional layer of protection to prevent anti-gun extremists from attempting to bankrupt law-abiding businesses by suing them for the third party, criminal misuse of their legal products.

Additionally, SB 1382 still retains language from the original version that designates firearm and ammunition retailers as essential businesses. This ensures that anti-gun officials and bureaucrats cannot unjustly target them, to shut them down during states of emergencies.

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Again, please contact Gov. Ducey and ask him to sign SB 1382 into law.

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