Faxon Rimfire Series Brings AR, Pistol Experience to 10/22 Barrels


Faxon Firearms just announced the launch of its newest offering, the Faxon Rimfire series of barrels for the Ruger 10/22 platform. The line will include three different contours, available in a multitude of finishes.

Faxon Rimfire 10/22 Barrels

Faxon, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, brings years of experience manufacturing AR and pistol components. It now turns its attention to rimfire, focusing on what it calls a pillar of shooting, the “Fellowship of Firearms.” The belief centers on firearms’ ability to bring people together. Shooting continues creating generational memories for families. Meanwhile, the .22 LR maintains its status as America’s most common and beloved family shooting round.

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Faxon 10/22 barrels get made in-house from raw bar stock. Each barrel undergoes the same rigorous testing and quality control measures the company employs on its AR and pistol barrels. The barrels utilize 416-R stainless steel. They exhibit 1:16 twist and a recessed target crown. Magnetic particle inspected and finished in either a salt bath nitride or PVD, each 10/22 barrel comes chambered in .22 LR.

The barrels also come in one of three different contours, adapted from the company’s popular AR line. Options include pencil, straight fluted or flame fluted. The designs save weight compared to typical factory barrels.

Prices range from $175 to $355. For even more info, please visit faxonfirearms.com.

Faxon Rimfire Barrels

  • Standard Factory Barrel: 1.78 lbs
  • Faxon Rimfire Pencil Barrels: 1.0 lbs
  • Faxon Rimfire Fluted Barrels: 1.4 lbs
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