Louisiana: Shreveport City Council to Consider Proposed Firearm Storage Ordinance

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the Shreveport City Council is expected to consider an anti-gun ordinance that flies in the face of Louisiana’s firearm preemption laws.  Caddo Parish residents are encouraged to contact the City Council and ask them to OPPOSE this anti-gun ordinance.

The proposed ordinance requires any handgun left in a vehicle to be locked, making it unavailable for use in any self-defense situations that may arise.  Firearm storage should not be required via a “one-size-fits-all” approach through government mandate.  Further, the proposed language would enact an ordinance more restrictive than state law, concerning the “possession,” “ownership,” and “transportation” of firearms.  State Law provides explicit exemptions to this general prohibition on local gun control for a narrow set of measures. Local measures concerning the storage of firearms are not an enumerated exemption, and are therefore prohibited.

Through a misunderstanding of legal definitions, Mayor Adrian Perkins intends to rapidly pass this legislation through the City Council.  It is extremely important that NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters contact the Shreveport City Council and voice their strong opposition to this overstepping of authority.​  Please also call the ordinance sponsor, Councilman John Nickelson, at 318-678-5812 and urge him to pull this unnecessary measure.

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Click here to view the full explanation and letter of opposition submitted to the City Council by Louisiana NRA-ILA State Director, Matt Herriman.

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