Hawaii: Committee Passes Retroactive Home-Built Gun Ban

Gun Rights

On April 6th, the Senate Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees jointly passed House Bill 1366, to ban possession of home-built firearms. It will be eligible for a floor vote next week, along with House Bill 31, to increase firearm mandatory storage requirements. Please contact your senator and ask them to OPPOSE HB 1366 and HB 31.

House Bill 1366, sponsored by Patrick Branco (D-50), amends language regarding home-built firearms passed last session (Act 74 2020). It bans possession of certain unfinished firearm components, as well as home-built firearms. Current law does not ban possession for those owned prior to the ban passed last year.

House Bill 31, sponsored by Gregg Takayama (D-34), increases Hawaii’s mandatory firearm storage requirements. Safe storage is a matter of personal responsibility and everyone’s situation is different. It’s unreasonable for the law to impose one-size-fits-all solutions.

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Again, please contact your state senator and ask them to OPPOSE HB 1366 and HB 31.

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