Kansas: Senate Passes Two Pro-Gun Measures with Bipartisan Support – Contact Your Representative

Gun Rights

Today, the Kansas Senate passed pro-gun omnibus legislation, House Bill 2058, and Eddie Eagle Gun Safety legislation, House Bill 2089.  Having received multiple amendments, the House will soon consider the legislation again.  Please contact your State Representative and urge them to SUPPORT House Bill 2058 and House Bill 2089.

Proposed by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, House Bill 2058 does the following:

  • Recognizes all out-of-state concealed carry permits, and allows those who have been licensed to carry a firearm for self-defense, to do so lawfully in Kansas.  This legislation recognizes that visitors to Kansas should not be left defenseless simply by crossing a state line.  
  • Allows individuals who are 18 to 20 years of age to apply for a Kansas concealed carry permit.
  • Authorizes the Attorney General to issue an alternative license to carry a concealed handgun to qualified applicants during a declared state of disaster emergency.
  • Creates a Restoration of Rights process for individuals to reestablish the Second Amendment right to possess a firearm upon expungement of certain convictions.


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Substitute House Bill 2089 directs the state Board of Education to establish grade-appropriate curricula guidelines to teach firearm safety to K-12 students, based on NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program, and/or the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism’s existing Hunter Education In Our Schools. Individual school district boards are to have the choice whether they wish to provide gun safety education under these standards. This gives the flexibility to school boards and parents to decide what gun safety education is appropriate for their communities and school children. Developing these standards by drawing from proven, existing programs, results in cost savings for the taxpayers.
Please contact your State Representative and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 2058 and House Bill 2089.

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