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One of the most basic skills pertaining to any handgun is understanding how to properly load and chamber one. Jamey Caldwell offers step-by-step instruction.

New to shooting? Then every step on the road to becoming a competent marksman can seem daunting. This includes the relatively simple process of loading and chambering your pistol. Yet, this most fundamental of the fundamentals must be mastered or your handgun’s utility reverts to that of a cudgel. A small one at that.

Jamey Caldwell, an instructor at 1-Minute Out and former special operator, covers the fundamentals of loading and chambering a pistol in the short video above. Your particular make and model of handgun may differ in some small ways from the Walther PDP used in his demonstration. However, the basic operation of loading up a magazine remains essentially the same. If you’re brand-new to firearms, it’s a wise course of action to watch Caldwell go through this procedure several times, until you understand all the aspects.

Additionally, if you never fired a gun before, you should go it alone your first time behind the trigger. Admittedly, even for novices the processes of loading and chambering a pistol are rudimentary, but that doesn’t preclude errors. It’s best to have a seasoned hand with you for your first live-fire—an instructor, range officer or experienced friend. Not only will they get you up to speed on loading and chambering your pistol, but they’ll be there to help you with more challenging aspects of marksmanship.

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