TacSol Kryptec: Partnership Brings Accurate, New-Look Rimfire Rifles


Tactical Solutions and Kryptec forged a partnership recently. The result is a series of pretty awesome-looking .22-caliber semi-autos. The TacSol Kryptec rifles take some of the most popular camo finishes and apply them to TacSol’s take on the world’s most popular .22 platform.

TacSol Kryptec Rifles

The pair of Idaho companies enjoy their own, respective followings. But the Krytec patterns on the TacSol rifles just seem to work. Now three different Kryptec Camo patterns come on TacSol .22s.

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Kryptec Highlander and Raid now come on the TacSol X-Ring and X-Ring Takedown rifles. Meanwhile, Kryptec’s newest camo pattern, Obskura Nox, comes on the TacSol Owyhee Takedown rifle.

For the uninitiated, Tactical Solutions makes some of the highest quality rimfires on the market. Both the X-Ring and X-Ring Takedown rifles exhibit light weight, yet each maintain highly accurate fire. Each uses a barrel with dramatically increased accuracy, performance and reliability, according to TacSol. The Owyhee Takedown rifle comprises the only takedown bolt-action .22 in the industry.

“Kryptek is the perfect addition to our already colorful and diverse product line,” said Keith Feeley, TacSol Director of Brand. “With Kryptek’s popularity, this was an easy decision.”

Tactical Solutions owns an enviable reputation among competitors and plinkers alike. Retail prices on the Kryptec models start at $1,140. For even more info, please visit tacticalsol.com.

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