EDC Update 2021

Survival In The Wild
EDC Update 2021. EDC or Everyday Carry is something that is personal and should fit what you do on an everyday basis. USCCA Affiliate Link: https://uscca.com/sootch00
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NineLine Billfold
IPhone Magpul Case
i1R EOS Light
Daltech Force Bull Leather Belt
Kore Essentials Belt
Microtech LUDT
Olight Warrior Mini
Olight OPen
Hazard4 Heavy Water Dive Watch
Sabre Red Pepper Spray
Jackson Leather Work Mag Carrier
Shield Arms S15 Mag
Glock G43x Talon Grips (Night Fison Sights)
Sig P365
StealthGear USA Holsters
NAA Pug 22 Mag
Kimber Solo
Citizens Watch

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YouTube Ad policies followed. All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols. No modifications were performed and the firearms are not offered for sale. For information purposes only.

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