How to Cook Venison Bobotie

Survival Basics

Bobotie is a classic South African dish in which ground meat—often springbok or kudu—is laced with dried fruits and slivered almonds and fragrant curry then baked beneath a golden eggy crust. Beguiling yet deeply comforting, it’s a terrific vehicle for whitetail, elk, or moose. This recipe is adapted from renowned South African winemaker Adi Badenhorst; it’s bobotie as his mother Judy cooks it—as good as it gets. One of Adi’s wines, then, would be the ideal pairing. Both his 2018 Secateurs Red, a supple blend of syrah, cinsault, and grenache, or, for a bigger splurge, the 2018 Ramnasgras Cinsault,, would be killer homegrown companions to this unforgettable meal. Round it out with hot steamed rice and some spoonfuls of chutney on the side.

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