Important Self-Defense Bill Awaiting DeWine’s Signature in Ohio

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FAIRFAX, Va. — An important piece of NRA-backed legislation passed the Ohio legislature on Friday and is on Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk awaiting his signature. Senate Bill 175 strengthens Ohio’s self-defense laws by removing an individual’s duty to retreat.

“Ohio law should favor victims of crime rather than the criminal, as it does now. When a crime occurs, a victim has milliseconds to determine the best course of action for survival.  Victims should not be required by law to run away, or worse, be penalized for fighting back if it is their best or only means for survival,” said John Weber, Ohio state director for the NRA. “This is a common sense measure. Anyone who opposes it willfully places the interests of the criminal above the interest of the victim.”​

The ‘no duty to retreat’ amendment expands current law and states that law-abiding people, if they are attacked when in a place they are legally allowed to be, do not have to first attempt to run away from their attacker before defending themselves. This is already the law in Ohio homes and cars. 

“This is an important piece of legislation that should concern all NRA members in Ohio. We encourage them to reach out to Gov. DeWine and ask him to sign Senate Bill 175 into law,” concluded Weber. ​​

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