Even Computer Crime Erasing Cannot Keep Boston Murder Rate Down, Up 39% Year On Year , Anti Media Says

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An after checking Hartford, whee some violent criminals have reportedly moved back to the City, I decided to look at Boston’s murder total on the year. No numbers, just a percentage but it appears Massachusetts gun ban drive is working as expected.

Here is a chart of Massachusetts homicide rate, clearly shwing the results of the Bay State’s 1990;s gun control law, which also worked as expected. Until the home of the bean and the scrod turned to crime control by computer.

The decline after 1993 is legitimate, as is the bounce back after the courts decided the States Police Powers topped the Peoples Gun Rights, and the freedoms based on those rights. The second precipitous decline is machine made and does not reflect reality.The FBI data is here, http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/macrime.htm


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