PepperBall Mobile Launcher Provides Hand-Held Self-Defense Package


Sometimes you can’t carry a gun. But arming yourself in some way is still important. So when you still need a self-defense tool, the all-new PepperBall Mobile Launcher is an interesting option.

How the PepperBall Mobile Launcher Works

The PepperBall Mobile combines an LED flashlight and aiming laser with a powerful PepperBall launcher. Smaller and sleeker than the company’s popular LifeLite, the Mobile works at home, in the car, for going on walks, camping, traveling and more. It’s pretty simple: Point, aim, shoot. The pepper balls break open and make life hell for any attacker’s eyeballs.

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“The LifeLite has been a huge success for us,” PepperBall CEO Andrew Brennan said. “We took that success and, with the Mobile, have designed a smaller but still robust product that retains the combined flashlight, aiming laser, and launcher features, which have been so popular in our LifeLite. We made the Mobile smaller and easier to hold, and also available at a lower price point.”

The Mobile Launcher comes with six live SD PepperBall projectiles, 12 inert practice projectiles and three 8g C02 cartridges. It retails for $199.99. For even more information, please visit For even more info about PepperBall and its products, please visit

PepperBall Mobile Specs

  • Loaded weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Capacity: 3 rounds
  • Overall Size: 9″ L x 2-5/16″ W x 2-9/16″ H
  • Lumens: 350
  • Air source: 8g CO2 cartridge (3 cartridges included)
  • Launch velocity: 250 feet per second / 170 miles per hour
  • Effective range: 0-40 feet
  • 12-foot debilitating irritant cloud
  • Easy to Use Trigger Button
  • Recommended Operation Temperature: 20℉ to 110℉
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