Virginia Gun Ban Agenda 2021: Concealed Carry Under Attack

Gun Rights

Lori Haas, of the so-called Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), formerly known as the National Coalition to ban Handguns until 1990, is already working with the office of Attorney General Mark Herring to attack your right to self-defense in the 2021 Virginia legislative session. In a recent documentary (at 23:25), she mentions to Herring that “open carry and concealed carry are both on there,” likely meaning that she wishes to restrict, or ban, law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms for self-defense. In addition, she wishes to “revisit” banning commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms; legislation seeking to do so was defeated this past session and Governor Northam will also push for it again.

This should come as no surprise. Earlier in April, Haas was on a podcast saying that her group was already working with legislators to pass bans on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and their magazines. She believes that these tools owned by countless law-abiding Virginians for a variety of lawful purposes “have no place in civil society.” In 2015, Haas was a vocal cheerleader for Attorney General Mark Herring’s attempt to remove reciprocity for 25 states’ Right-to-Carry permits. She then opposed the compromise legislation with then-Governor Terry McAuliffe that reversed Herring’s maneuver by granting reciprocity to all state Right-to-Carry permits.

Your NRA will be down in Richmond fighting this latest wave of gun ban schemes. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for updates.

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