Did The Background Check Requirement Cut Crime In The 1990’s?

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An Alexandria, Virginia URL informed me that the National Instant Background Check System, signed into law on November 30, 1993, was responsible for the sharp decline in crime noted on this graph from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics:

While the theory is bully, it does not stand further investigation. The Clinton signed the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1963 Biden is so proud of on 11/30/ the Bill gave the FB five years to set up the system. So the FBI’s National Instant Criminal background Check System 11/30/19983 The decline in crime came while the FBI was building the system, not after the NICS system went into operation.

I try to avoid so much data that readers choke on it, but this chart, taken from the Bureau of Justice Statistics report on the National Criminal Victimization Survey, shows what did happen.

Why: Two Reasons. The first is that no sooner had the NICS system started operating than the gun ban industry said it was insufficient, and started a campaign to ban handguns.

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And second, Because most criminals decided they did not want to trade shots with an armed man or woman, so they began leaving their guns at hoe. And as soon as the criminal underworld discovered that background checks did not affect the gun traffickers, the percentage of armed criminals leveled off at about 24%,

And crime in those States such as Texas and Arizona that relaxed their gun laws dropped enough to offset high crime rates in the States that maintained their crime producing restrictive gun laws.

If you click on this link and scroll to the bottom so you can check out the individual States, you will find those states that softened gun restrictions had the greatest decline in crime, and the States that ignored the experience of others and maintained highly restrictive gun laws had only a minor decline in friearms related crime. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htm


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