Aker Leather 147C Nightguard Compact: Fit for Weapon Lights


Whether for duty or concealed carry, adding a weapon light to the pistol remains a significant upgrade. But with specific pistol accessories come the need for specific gear. The Aker Leather 147C Nightguard Compact accommodates smaller weapon lights for several compact pistol platforms.

Aker Leather 147C Nightguard Compact Holster

The 147C Nightguard Compact utilizes full grain cowhide. The slim holster features a thumb break for access. It also includes a polymer reinforcement on the front of the holster opening. The reinforcement reduces wear from drawing and re-holstering.

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The holster comes in both black or tan, for left- or right-handed shooters. It fits compact and subcompact weapons, including Glock 19, 26 and 43X. It also works with S&W M&P Shield and SIG Sauer P320C and P3645. Available light options include Streamlight TLR6, TLR7 and TLR8. The holster works with select SureFire and Viridian models as well. For more information, visit akerleather.com.

Aker 147C Nightguard Compact Features

  • Developed with the help of a major police department and tested by agencies around the world, the Nightguard Compact takes the comfort and concealability of the Nightguard XL pancake style holster and reduces the size to accommodate smaller weapon and light combinations.
  • Slides onto belts up to 1-3/4-inch and creates a low profile by spreading the holster pocket along the curve of your hip. The holster mouth is reinforced with polymer and the strap is extra wide to prevent interfering with the trigger guard.
  • Constructed from premium cowhide, the Nightguard Compact rides high and close to the body, providing maximum comfort and concealment.
  • Available for select weapon and light combinations.
  • MSRP: $72.50
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