Show Us “Gun Control” That Works, And We Will Consider It

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A headline bemoaning opposition to gun control caught my ey, but alas, the link is bad.” Which leaves me with a single comment.

The 150 million Americans who own a gun are by far America’s most law abiding demographic.

While we are a majority of adults, members of our community commit only a tiny fraction of serious crimes, amounting to just 0.002% of violent crimes brought to trial

We live here, we work here. In those parts of America still safe to walk the streets in, most of the adults you see are gun owners.

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Of course we are interested in laws to reduce violent crime.

So show us a restrictive gun law that has reduced crime, made the law abiding safer, or provided some benefit, and we will be happy to work with you on trying it out.

As citizens, of course we will support laws that reduce the frequency and seriousness of crime.

But if you want instant rejection, propose some “new law” that has sent violent crime rates “through the sky and over the moon” thousands of times. Because we know all too well what happened the other thousands of times that law has been imposed. And we know what happened all of those times.

This photo, taken by participants in mass murder, shows a small part of the results of David Lloyd-George’s confiscation of all German firearms. The disarmed population was unable to stop those who seized power from doing this. You can read a study of that here;

So yes, America’s largest and most law abiding demographic has very good resins not to blindly accept activists assurances that a gun control law that has resulted in millions of murders – by the victim’s own government.

But bring us a restrictive gun law that lives up to the claims and we will be happy to discuss and support it. So long as the gun ban activists do not try to take a mile for every inch we give you.


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