Sometimes people get divorced over irreconcilable differences, that may be the case for our irreconcilable US states

Gun Rights

The latest election results map for the 2020 presidential election

As this was written Biden hasn’t been declared the victor. Yet
it’s pretty much a done deal. Trump may not concede and will take his case to
the courts challenging the results in some states but really he’s got little to
no chance overturning the election in his favor.

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Questions abound. Now

Will Trump’s followers gracefully accept the result of him
losing or overreact?

What’s clear the divisions of the people politically have
never been this extreme probably since the civil war. And we know what happened

Are we in for states wanting to secede? Is that so

What is clear political dysfunction at the national level
has never been greater. The political process has become completely corrupted.
Big corporate, special interests lobbyists, Wall Street, dark money, you name
it underwrites the campaigns of those running for office is all but total. The
laws and regulations enacted, the oversight and enforcement goes to benefit
those interests. The peoples interests are ignored.

Would states banding together to form a new union be that
bad? Write a new constitution that reflects the needs of people today. Get big
moneyed contributions to candidates running for office made illegal. Without
office holders beholden to big moneyed interests the peoples interests would
become paramount. Jobs created, basic minimum living wages paid, universal
Medicare for all, eliminate all college student loan debt, fix the roads,
bridges, water and sewer systems, get environmental laws passed and enforced,
just to name a few progressive reforms that could be enacted.

This country came about through violence, genocide of the
indigenous peoples and forcing their descendents onto reservations (gulags),
stealing their lands to be settled by whites. The rest was mostly stolen from
Mexico as booty after our unprovoked so called Mexican war in 1848. Slavery of
native black Africans brought here in chains, later Jim Crow segregation and
institutionalized racism that continues to this day. Let’s acknowledge the
wrongdoing, apologize and maybe consider reparations.

Now with a conservative 6-3 Supreme Court majority abortion
rights won with Rowe VS Wade may be in jeopardy of being overturned. It’s an example
of potential radical right extremism being made the norm. Today enacting any real gun regulation is
impossible with the NRA always screaming it would be against the 2nd
Amendment-which of course is their total misreading of “A well regulated
Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…the right of the people
to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, simply because there was
no standing army in 1791 when the Bill of Rights were ratified and the only way
for the state to defend itself was to ask the people to provide their own
firearms. What we have today is military style high powered automatic weapons
are made legal because of the bastardization of the 2nd Amendment by the gun

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