A Meter Readers View Of Global Warming

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I only claim to be a meter reader, not a scientist, but the meter readings will tell us a lot about what is going on. Take “global warming” for example. The claim is that man made “greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide are heating the world to, in some extremists view, we have only a few years before the ice caps melt and theses over top Mount Everest, drowing us all.

While the numbers from the true believers tend to be high, up to 42 billion metric tons a year, the scoffers say not over 18 billion tonnes a year. And the scientists?

The scientists see a total global CO2 emission of 24 billion tonnes, up from 17 billion tonnes in 1990. Where is the CO2 coming from.?

According to the boffins, 115 billion tonnes comes from natural sources, 7 million comes from man made sources, mostly agricultural.

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Trees, all 3 trillion of them, seem to be the primary natural source followed by volcanoes, then the oceans, with decomposition the third leading cause.

Man made sources included orchards, crops with green leaves, vehicular emissions, farm animals, and human breathing.

How long does Atmospheric CO2 last in the atmosphere The “haof life of atmospheric CO@ is estimated to be 15 months, with this years CO2 emissions being absorbed by plants and other forms of life within 36 months.

Where does the CO2 come from? All over, The chart below was constructed from satellite data by NOAA, and shows major sources of CO2 in red. The small red spot at the top shows CO2 and other gases from Iceland’s many volcanoes, and the red area of South America is over the Amazon rain forest. Then there is the African rain forest, and the Indonesian volcanoes plus the asian rain forest along the equator, and a hint of red from the underwater volcanoes southe east of Australia. And then there is the bright red spot that marks China’s largest manufacturing and densest population areas, almost entirely from scrubbed and unfiltered p coal burning power plants.

The amounts of CO2 emitted have changed little since this chart was made with two exceptions. One is North America, where the greenhouse gas emissions have been cut even further, with emissions over a wide area as low as the nearest ocean.

The other is that expanding red spot in China, which has a massive traffic problem to go with its expanding network of unfiltered and scrubbed coal burning power plants. Those plants are not only producing huge amounts of greenhouse gases, they are producing huge amounts of soot and fly ash that is literally blackening the arctic.

So why does no one push China to be a good neighbor and spend a few bucks to put scrubbers on its power plants. Money. The money that would be spent on scrubbers that will no longer go into the pockets of a few billionaires.

And why the big push to convert our reliable power network to unreliable wind power that costs almost $1 a kilowatt hour? Because the estimated cost of giving us electricity a few hours a week would cost $250 Trillion dollars, much of that flowing into the pockets of a few hundred billionaires.

And a lie amount to convert Europe to the same scheme.

A Total of $500,000,000,000,000, $500 Trillion dollars, in a world where everything is thought to be worth less than $120 Trillion.

So when you talk about global warming, you are looking at the biggest scam in human history. I know, because the meters tell me o.


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