City Starts Gun Control Push, Shootings Rise 37%

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The Daily Pennsylvanian reports Philadelphia will seek stricter gun laws since shootings are up 37%.

Actually, the Pennsylvanian really should take another look at both the laws Philly demands, and the timeline. Before we take a look at that, let’s look at the results of the Pennsylvania Legislatures preemption of all the restrictive gun laws in the Keystone State. And you can confirm the numbers either with the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report, or with the key crime rates and numbers at this link:

As you can see, preemption resulted in a nice decline in violent crime, and the Philadelphia PD’s web site says that includes homicides.

Now, the City wants to restore the laws the Legislature preempted. The same laws that sent the once low crime Keystone State, which had a violent crime rate of */ before gun control, and peaked at 424.9 just before preemption.

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Getting rid of the city regulations has cut violent crime by 25% since preemption. But now the city is trying to restore the gun laws that drove a 425% increase in violent crime between 1962 and 2008.

The history of gun control strongly suggests restoring those laws will add 200 or more points to Philadelphia’s violent crime rates, and push the murder total to above 600.

But from all appearances since the man with the money wants – Philadelphia is willing to impose that much more crime on the already suffering people of Philadelphia


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