Chicago, 672 Murders In 305 Days

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Chicago, with 672 murders in 305 days, and headed for 810 murders on the year, is a typical example of the evils of restrictive gun laws. Before the start of Hollywood’s “Confiscate them all” gun ban campaign in 1963 chicago was a city of more than 3,500,000 hard working souls, who suffered around 260 mostly criminal on criminal

Today, Chicago is a much smaller city, with an official population estimate of 2.7 million, , 800 or more largely gang related murders, and a murder rate four times what it was before the City tried to control crime by punishing the law abiding. The graph below, taken from a local media outlet but verified with the post 1960 FBI Uniform Crime Report, sows the results of gun control according to the City of Chicago. The low points are, in chronological order, the 1963 gun ban campaign, the Illinois Firearms Owners ID system of 1968. tje gim bam pf 1982, and the rigged trials of gang leaders who had the “street cred” to somewhat keep the lid on Chicago’s gang vetted leadership.

As noted, the numbers that are the basis of this chart come from City Hall, not from the Chicago CPD, and are less, often far less, than independent counts of the names and addresses of murder victims reported in the local media.

Therefore neither the public nor researchers should consider these numbers as an indication of the results of gun restrictions, other than in a general way.

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With that or without, it is clear that Illinois and Chicago’s attempt to control crime by punishing the law abiding is more than counterproductive, it is deadly.


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