Bloody Baltimore, A Sad Year And Getting Worse

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The Baltimore Sun reports the City has logged 372 homicides in 306 days, So the question now is not whether the poster city for gun control will top 400 murders in 2020, but whether Baltimore will suffer more than 450 murders in 2020.

I predicted this result back in 1012, when former governor Martin “Gun Ban” O’Malley used the Newtown Kindergarten Massacre as an excuse to push Draconian gun laws through the Maryland Legislature. Since then, Baltimore’s homicide total soared from its 2012 number of 217 to this years total that will certainly be more than twice that.

The red bars on the right show the results of the first few years of Gun Ban O’Malley’s restrictive gun laws.

Unfortunately, the heavy lifting to save Baltimore will have to come from inside Maryland, as citiens vote out the lawmakers at every level of government who think punishing the law abiding while allowing criminals to traffic thousands of stolen guns into the state is fine are voted out of office.

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