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The National Rifle Association has an item up titled “The Incredible Shrinking Gun Control Message.” Since I have been shoving the fact that no gun control law in the 525 years of such laws succeeded in doing anything that a law abiding person in possession of their facilities would consider a benefit, I am pleased to see the Association feature a “Just the facts” placard. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20201026/the-incredible-shrinking-gun-control-message

The gun ban industry cannot s argue against the facts. In the fifteen years since I challenged any and all comers to prove some gun control law, some time, somewhere, had reduced crime, made anyone safer, reduced the frequency of political assassinations, or provide any other benefit. In that time, I have been challenged one. By an individual who soon ended the conversation with “I believe that a properly written gun control law would make people safer.”

But Mike Zip Code refused to specify when and where some gun law provided benefits. Because he cannot. Every regularly enforced gun law has resulted in more crime, more violence, more murder, more misery, not less.

The chart below shows the homicide rate when the Second Amendment was the law of the land, and anyone, even an outlaw or killer could buy any gun they had the money to pay for. It shows the rise in murder when the first restrictive gun laws were imposed and such laws were decreed to be “a part of the police power of the state.” In fact, every restrictive gun law in American history shows up on that chart, and every general relaxation of American gun laws shows up as a decline in the murder rate.

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The red bars on the right show the start of Bloomberg’s financing the gun ban industry. And make no mistake about it. The end game is the complete disarming of America.


For the data used to compile this chart, FBI data for the years since 1*90, the modern era, are here: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htm

Many college libraries have the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report back to the 1*50, and Department of Juxstice publications documenting the homicide rate back to 1900. However, it may be easier to Google “US homicide rate since 1900.”

Homicide data before 1*00 was gathered from State sources, too numerous to start to mention.


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