A Call For Gun Control At The Tree Of Life Mass Murder Remembrance

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Among the predictable items in the news is a call for gun control from thos speaking at the Tree of Life Synagogu e mass murder remembrance. That call may come from the heart of the speakers, but it ignores the fact that before the modere gun controls were imposed, anyone with money could legally buy a gun and mass murders were as rare as fire breathing dragons.

If you look at the record, there was a lifetime between the murder of a school master and his pupils by Delaware Indians and the next American mass murder. Before gun control mass murder was a single digit per decade affair, with many decades passing without a single mass murder.

And if you look at the record, you will see mass murder was a rare event until the “GUN FREE SCHOOL ONE ACT of 1990 was ebacted, Tge cgart below shows shat effect banning guns in schools had on mass murders, which have been most notably school and church shootings.

There is very little to see before the period covered by the chart. Huberty shot up a California Mcdonalds, there was a mass murder in New Jersey, someone blew up a school in Michigan killing almost 50 children. Before that, a person contemplating mass murder would face the reality that at least some of his intended victims would be armed.

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Those are the facts about guns and mass murder, and the Tree of Life mourners want more of the laws that caused a massive increase in mass murders. And that almost certainly led to the deaths of those killed in the Tree of Life Synagogue mass murder.

And those are the facts, regardless of what the gun ban industry wants you to believ..


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