Brazen Shootings Continue In Connecticut? But They Have Hun Control!

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MSN relays a Hartfor Courant report on Brazen shootings in Hartford, despite the State’s Draconian “gun control” laws.

Hartford is a nice middle American city whose traditional economic, social, and demographic factors would bean a total of 7 to 9 murders a year. But Connecticut has a long history of trying to control criminal activity by punishing law abiding gun owners: by making those who possess a gun into criminals.

And the Hartford Courant is so anti-gun they once advocated turning loose 17,000 hardened criminals and forcing 385,000 criminalized gun owners in the vacated cells. The “Black Hole of Calcutta” would be a pleasant shelter compared to the Courant’s Black Hole of Bridgeport.

This despite the fact that it should only take minutes to determine the effects of Connecticut’s violent crime – and the adver effect on Conecticut residents. The FBI Unifrom Crime data since restrictive gun laws were first suggested is here:

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The chart below shows the effect of Connecticuts post-1963 gun restriction:


As you can see, when there were few and generally reasonable restrictions on firearms such as no shooting within city limits Connecticut had one of the lowes murder rates in the world. But the the “send the army and take them all” gun control campaign beginning in the last week of 1963 sent homicide rates soaring by more than 600%.

The patient work of America’s law abiding gun owners, particularly the advent of “must issue” Concealed Weapons Permits caused a major decline in the percentage of criminals who habitually carried a gun – with a corresponding decline in Connecticut’s murder rate.

The violent crime rate also too off, with the chart below showing the results of gun control campaigns and laws on violent crime.

Obviously, gun control has cost Connecticut in stolen, damaged, or destroyed property, as well as huge medical costs for many of the victims of rape and aggravated assault and robbery injured by someone empowered by Connecticut’s wrong headed gun laws.

Since there is no realistic hope that the Connecticut legislature will correct the situation they have caused, nor any realistic hope that the Courant will ever put aside its biases and look at the facts, it is up to Congress to preempt Connecticut’s laws, and the Courts to declare them Unconstitutional.


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