Media: “With NRA Under Fire, Gun Banners Flexing Their Muscle”

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Instagram says “With the NRA Under fire” the gun ban industry is free to flex its muscle.

Since the NRA seems never have conspired to deny anyone a permit to demonstrate, the headline makes no sense. As for the gun ban industry, groups like “Moms demand gun bans” seem to spend as much tim begging the question than the devote to everything else.

The question is the same one it has been for 57 years. Do restrictive gun laws aimed at the law abiding provide benefits to society.”

If restrictive gun laws do what activists claim, we need restrictive gun laws.

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If restrictive gun laws do not provide benefits, such as lower violent crime rates, improved safety, and so on, then we those laws are among the very last things we need.

And a few minutes spent checking the violent crime and homicide rate.

In generalthe before and after violent crime and homicide rates look like this when they are graphed:

This chart shows two States experience with restrictive gun laws. Maryland, doubly cursed with the imposition of strict gun laws, and Colorado, which also imposed restrictive gun laws on those who will never commit a crime – for the crime of owning a product it is salful to own.

Maryland suffered not only from its own laws, but from New Jersey’s, whose Draconian gun laws caused millions of otherwise law abiding citizens to sell their guns to anyone who offered, for as little as $10.00 for a Colt .45. Those guns were trafficked into nearby States, where they helped push Maryland’s violent crime rates into the stratosphere.

On the other hand, Colorado passed relatively mild restrictions on gun purchases and transportation rules so did not experience the spectacular increase in violent crime and murder Maryland experienced.

All in all, my friends and I have investivgated more than 62,000 restrictive gun laws, and found the sam patter on every regularly enforced restrictive gun law. Of 58,309 such laws known to have been enforced, 58,309 restrictive gun laws have FAILED to reduce crime, cut the rate of criminal violence, make anyone safler, or reduce the incidence of politically motivated assassinations. Not even one.

And yet the gun ban industry wants to impose the very same laws that have failed to protect the public more than 58,309 times.

it is irrational, illogicla, and regressive. But the gun ban people make the longest unbroken series of failure in human history almost plausible.

It is time for the gun banners to either learn what they are talking about and join us, or to at least shut up and let us continue the loosening of gun laws that have cut violent crime in half sin ce 1993.


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