NH Governor Calls The Foot In The Door Gun Laws Are “Common Sense”

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Last year New Hampshiore enacted a series of bills out ofBloomberg’s gun ban precursor bundle. This year, New Hampshire citizens began paying the price for those bills, in the increased cost of crime, increased violence, and of course, the governors implied boast that, regardless of how good things were before gun control, and how bad they are becoming after gun control, if the people of New Hampshire give him for more years he will try to enact more of Bloomberg’s “common sense gun safety laws.” https://news.yahoo.com/2020-nh-gubernatorial-debate-additional-003013566.html

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for New Hampshire is at this link, so you can verify what I am about to say. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/New%20Hampshire%20crime%20and%20punishment%20statistics.html

Clearly, the gun control campaigns of 1963, 1973, and 1986 had a much smaller effect on New Hampshire than it had on States unwise enough to impose draconian gun laws that sharply restricted the law abiding’s access to firearms without a correspoinding increase in career criminals access to firearms.

But if you look at the chart, on the right side you will see the effect of Massachusetts ill considered and reckless gun control law, which impelled up to three million Bay State residents to dispose of their guns. Most of those guns went to the criminal underworld, where they were trafficked across the United States.

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If thre were such a thing as justice in these situations Massachusetts would be compelled other States for the damage their laws have done in the other 49 States. And now this governor has compounded the situation by passing precursor legislation intended to create lists of gun owners for future use.

Hopefully, there will be a fast change in governors, and New Hampshire can get back on track toward a lower levels of crime and violence. But the governor is a slick talker and all we have are the facts.


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