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Gun control taught the complicit American media to lie, but gun control activists created the lie, and the media passed it on. A Daily Signal report titled “Fact Checking Gun Control Activists Lies” brings back many memories of grand lies for gun ban enthusiasts of the past.

Hollywood’s need to protect ubcine from reruns started the first gun ban campaign in late 1963. It began by demanding an “end to mail order gun sales,” but soon turned into a “Send the Army and take them all” campaign in early 1964. One of the key lies in that campaign was to portray England as a gun free, crime free, paradise.”

Gun free did not occur until 1999, and when it did, violent crime in the UK rose almost exponentially from 450 violent crimes per 100,000 to 2900 per 100,000. In fact, the United Kingdom’s heavily edited violent crime numbers are actually higher than the United States overall crime numbers at 2900 violent crimes per 100,000 compared to the US 380 per 100,000 including all crimes against everyone 12 or older.

That was not the last whopper. The Hughes bill, which forbade purchase of any fully automatic firearm made after the signing dat of the law in 1986 was sold on the like that criminal gangs were using drug money to buy new M-16 rifles to wipe out competition with

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Hillary Rodham C rammed the “Brady Bill” with it s mandatory criminal background check on the lie that criminals buy new guns from dealers and a background check would keep criminals from getting guns. Of course, only about one half of one percent of career criminals have ever attempted to buy a gun from a dealer or other legitimate source, preferring cheap solen and trafficked guns that have no “paper trail” to the criminal. And it is interesting that the first day of background checks, 11/30/98, was the last day of the precipitous decline in violent crimes and homicide in the chart below: The FBI Data the chart is built with is at this link: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htm

And now we have the lie that gun control either has reduce crime or made someone safter somewhere at some time.That must have been in Cloud Cuckoo Land, bucause we have been through more than 58,309 enforced but failed gun laws without finding a single successful gun law.

And of course, we have people like Chucky Schumer who claim Arizonans are far more likely to commit firearms facilitated crimes than New Yorkers. And that is a lie as well.

Guns do not cause crime, triggers do not pull fingers, guns do not slip out at night hunting victims, and there has never been a successful gun law in the 525 yar history of such laws. Keep those facts in mind the net time you hear a gun ban industry propagandist at work. Because the line they spew is so much hogwash.


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