“Explosion” Of Gun Violence In Hartford

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The Hartford Courant reports the city’s murder rate has hit a six year high, with two and a half months left in 2020. https://www.courant.com/community/hartford/hc-news-hartford-addressing-rise-in-shootings-20201016-g2sa25bdorfvhoa7huq3p4iwpu-story.html

Hartford is a small city of approximately 125,000. The city’s economic factors have deteriorated since a gun ban governor rammed through draconian gun laws sending Hartford’s thriving gun manufacturing industry fleeing to places where they were wanted. The data we need is slow coming, but for 2018’s social and economic conditions, the city should have a homicide rate of 7.5 per 100,000 population, Meaning the city should have 9 to 12 homicides a year.

A total much above that number s a strong indication that cang wars, most frequently drug peddling gangs, are fighting it out over “turf,” and the cartels have shifted quantities of guns to the gangs they supply to defend their turf and acquire more desirable sales locations. Under those circumstances, a “police caliber” handgun with a fully loaded magazine can cost a pusher as little as $50, while the normal “street price is close to $150.

Interestingly, the Courant’s article, linked above, says that 2020 has the highest year to date homicide total in the last six years. But the Courant’s own map at the link at the end of this sentence shows 2020 to be well below any of the last six years as of this date. https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-hartford-homicide-map-20140915-htmlstory.html

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And yes, the Courant is an anti-gn media outlet. In 2014, when governor “gun ban” Malloy was pushing his gun ban the Courant editorially advocated turning all 17,000 inmates out of Connecticut’s prisons and put 350,000 gun owners in the cells.

That would be about 20 gun owners by crowding them in the space currently filled by 1.

And of course, warnings about Connecticut’s violent crime rates fell on deaf ears.

And finally, the FBI based data the chart above is based on is at this link: http://rctic-roos.org/observations/ice-area-and-extent-in-arctic


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