SIG Sauer Nightmare Series Blacks Out Classic SIG P229, P220, P226


SIG Sauer just launched an entire new series of guns from SIG Custom Works, and its sure to turn some heads. The SIG Custom Works Nightmare Series blacks out classic pistols P229, P220 and P226. The resulting look is pure badassery.

SIG Sauer Custom Works Nightmare Series

“You’re not going to be able to find a much prettier gun, and you’re probably not going to be able to find a much more limited run than you will with the Nightmare Series guns,” said Phil Strader, Pistol Product Manager, SIG Sauer.

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The SIG Nigthmare treatment calls back from the old SIG P239. Along the way, SIG incorporated Nightmare treatments to other guns, such as the 1911. Now the Custom Works applies the Nightmare to SIG’s most classic lines.

The Nightmare Series features a blacked out Custom Works engraved slide and blacked out frame with nickel-plated contrasting controls. Each gun includes a Hogue Classic Contour SL G-10 Grip. The Series also comes packaged with a Custom Works Negrini pistol case. Inside, customers receive a challenge coin and a certified custom certificate.

“Now the great thing about this, it shows you how exclusive your build is,” referring to the certified certificate. “And these are also only going to be made in limited numbers.”

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