PHYS-ORG Says The Gap Between Gun Owners And Non Owners Explains The Tension Between The Groups

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PHYS-ORG, which bills itself as a web site of science and technology, says the gap between gun owners and non0gun owners is the cause of the tension between the groups. If they are about science, I wish they would use the scientific method.

So long as the gun laws are permissive, from mandating gun possession to very strict laws against criminal misuse of firearms, the crime rates will be very low. Ass soon as gun laws start restricting the law abiding’s access to firearms, the crime rates, and in particular the violent crimes rates, begin to soar.

And that rise is directly proportional to the severity of the gun laws.

At the moment, we have what amounts to a cottage industry of gun control groups, funded at clse to a billion dollars in each Presidential election cycle, intended to convince a majority of the public that guns are bad and gun free is good. Something that is exactly the opposite of the truth.

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Naturally enough, the people most likely fo fall for this rubbish are those who live in places like New York, where guns were deemed allowable to celebrities, billionaires, politicians, and criminals.

Naturally enough, those political subdivisions have sky high crime rates, because no one outside of criminals, politicians, the very rich, and celebrities can defend themselves. A duty often taken care of by a platoon of armed guards.

In all the history of gun control, there has not been a single law that can honestly be described as a success. And that essentially is why the gun owners, the target of the gun ban industry, fight restrictive gun laws in every legal way they can.


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