Nuns Ask Smith And Wesson To Consider The Effects Of “Gun Violence”

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Mass Live reports Catholic nuns have asked Smith And Wesson Shareholders to consider the effects of gun violence.

The problem is simple, even or a cloistered person. The rate of violent crimes and the amount of both street and domestic violence is inversely proportional to the number of guns private citizens possess. That is, armed citizens very rarely commit a crime more serious that failing to slow down before they get to a speed zone. Depriving the law abiding majority of the means to defend their possessions, their family, themselves, and their community by cutting off or restricting gun possession only “sends violent crime through the ceiling and over the moon.”

So in asking Smith and Wesson shareholders to shut the company down, the cloistered ladies are asking for the same sort of reaction that occurred in 1905, when the Supreme Court approved laws limiting carrying a gun, as a result of the “police power of the State.”

The chart below, take from data from the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Census, and academic studies shows the US homicide rate from the Wile West to almost the lates data available. Every restrictive gun law has resulted in more violence and murder, every relaxation of gun laws gets us closer to the rates prevalent during America’s safest period, when almost every man and many women carried guns, the Wild West era.

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Of course, if you want an increase in violent crime and homicide comparable to that between 1890 and 1990 on top of our already elevated violent crime rates, restrict or ban gun ownership.

But if you want to get back to a society where door locks are considered fripperies start dismantling the poorly researched and considered gun laws.


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