Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Victim Disarmed By Gun Free Zone Law

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FOX News reports attorneys for Kate Nixon with 11 other victims survivors of DeWayne Craddock’s Virginia Beach mass murder is calling for a full investigation of the “gun free zone” law they believe enabled the killer.

every Gun Free Zone law has produced a mass murder, but by far the majority of mass murders take place in a place posted gun free. Schools, churches, a childrens party in a county building, city buildings theaters, and even parking lots adjacent to posted gun free zones have become all too common since the Federal Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 was signed into law.

Only the most determined gun ban advocate can look at the frequency of mass murder since 1900 and fail to admit the relationship between denying the law abiding guns and the frequency and severity of mass murder.

The Virginia Beach survivors are right in calling for a full examination of the laws that almost certainly led to the murder of their loved ones. Far too many have died of a law passed with good intentions that has proven to be unmitigated evil. It is time for a return to sanity.

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NB, This chart uses the “zero year of the last decade as the first year of the next decade. 2020 is first year of the third millennium CE.


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