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A Port St. Lucie URL hite “Lucy” says the UK had 792 , murders in 2018, while the US had 16,375, proving the need for gun control.

These number comparisons always draw a chuckle, because if the FBI kep homicide numbers the way the British Home Office does, we would only have 5,375 murders 00 homicides instead of 16,374.

Starting in 1968, the UK officially “considers it unfair to brand a man a murderer until he has been tried and convicted of murder by a jury of his peers.”

Downing Street is notoriously silent about the practice of keeping a murder “a matter of interest to the police” until someone has been convicted, and exhausted his appeals process.

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We do know, from an insiders written response to Parliament, that the Home Office keeps the murder count, and does not count a murder until there has been a conviction and the convicted person has either declined to appeal or exhausted the appeals process. I do not know whether or not those who plead to a lesser crime and avoid a murder conviction are counted as murders or not, but suspect they are not.

In any event, the UK counts convictions, not murders. And their conviction rate is no better than ourse, hovering around 32% of “matters of interest to the police” that are brought to trial resulting in conviction.

This is close to the percentage of murder convictions to dead bodies of murder victims in the US, so slightly less than one third of murders result in a conviction on either side of the Atlantic.

When you consider the UK’s estimated population is only 63 ,o;;opm. cp,[ared tp tje IS’ 330 million, and the presence of violent criminal gangs in almost every American city, there is no great difference in the US and UK homicide rate. The UK’s calculated rate based on the number of bodies and population is 3.8 [er 100.000 population.

The US rate, including a surprising number of unknown victims who died of unknown causes, is 5.0 per 100,000. But when the US Demographics are adusted to match the UK’s numbers, the US Homicide rate drops to 3.6 per 100,000.

This despite the conspicuous rise in homicide every American attempt at restrictive gun laws has produced.

As the chart below demonstrates, Americans were substantially safer from criminal predation and violent acts in the “Wild West” at its wildest, when anyone with the price could buy a gun, than they are today with all the restrictive gun laws, many amounting to a gun ban.

As were the British before Prime Minister David Lloyd George imposed gun restrictions in 1919.


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