Safariland 7TS RDS Holsters Now Fit SIG Sauer Pistols With Red Dots


Right on time, with today’s announcement of SIG’s new P320 AXG Scorpion, Safariland released its 7TS RDS holsters with fits for SIG Sauer pistols. The holsters accommodate handguns fitted with red dot optics and rail-mounted lights. SIG pistol fits include P320RX, X-Five/Full Size/V-TAC/M17, M18/X-Carry and X-Compact.

Safariland 7TS RDS Holsters for SIG Sauer Pistols

“Red dot optics have become a reliable way to speed up target acquisition,” said James Dawson, duty gear category director for Safariland. “We’ve seen a surge in demand for our current 7TS RDS holsters and are pleased to add the SIG options to the line-up. These new models will open up options for SIG owners.”

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The 7TS RDS holsters utilize SafariSeven, a proprietary Dupont nylon blend. The material allows for precision manufacturing and retains exceptional durability, even in temperature extremes, according to Safariland. The holsters perform reliably and remain practically impervious to the elements. The holsters also require little maintenance, while the non-abrasive finish doesn’t wear pistols.

The platform also utilizes Safariland’s ALS locking retention system. A protective hood shields the red dot and pivots when the user releases the ALS retention lever via the thumb. Upon reholstering, the holster secures the handgun. Then the user simply rotates the hood back into place, again covering the red dot.

Safariland 7TS RDS Variants

  • Duty: 7360RDS, 7362RDS, 7365RDS, 7390RDS, 7392RDS, 7395RDS
  • Tactical: 7304RDS, 7305RDS, 7354RDS, 7355RDS, 7384RDS, 7385RDS
  • Concealment: 7367RDS, 7376RDS, 7377RDS, 7378RDS, 7379RDS

Each new holster comes equipped for the SIG Sauer Romeo1 and Romeo1Pro, Vortex Viper or Venom, Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Dr. Optic, Leupold Deltapoint Pro or Burris Fastfire. Additional fits accommodate Streamlight TLR-7, Surefire XC-1, XC-2, Nightstick TCM 550 or Inforce APLc.

The carry optics movement is clearly here to stay. Companies continue to offer more options in carry guns, optics and other accessories to meet the growing demand. Stay tuned to Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous coverage for even more additional new carry optics products.

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