“Gun Control Is A Solution In Search Of A Problem”

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An item in Heritage calls Fairfax county’s proposed gun ordinance a solution in search of a problem. https://www.heritage.org/firearms/commentary/fairfax-countys-gun-control-solution-need-problem

After years of studying the results of gun control legislation including Virginia’s, I would call it a Soloution to the no-problem problem. After all, Virginia’s restrictive gun laws have cost many hundreds of lives and cost many billions of dollars, with no visible benefits of any sort. The chart below shows what gun control and those who advocate have done to Virginia, and the FBI data the chart is built on is available here: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/vacrime.htm

Each time more restrictions are added, violent crime soars. So, thanks to gun ban indstr primary funder Michael Bloomberg and Governor Ralph “We are coming to get your guns” Northam, Virginia residents are in for a rough patch, until sanity returns to the Assembly and the Governors mansion.


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