The Key Words In The Gun Control Debate is Where Have Gun Controls Reduced Criminal Violence

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MSN relays an item from SFGate entitled “25 Terms You should Know To Understand The Gun Control Debate.

Such a list might be useful, although I found no such list. Further, the item begs the key questions in the gun debate. Simply put…..

If gun control had a track record of cutting crime, making people safer, and stopping political assassinations, we would obviously need to carefully examine gun laws and craft one that would do those things.

If gun control had no effect on crime, why bother? After all, gun control causes many problems in itself, and there is no need to set a trap for the law abiding but unwary.

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And if gun control invariably set violent crime rates doubling or tripling or more is something we do not need.

The chart below shows the effects of John Majors UK gun ban, plus four more European counties with the European Union’s increasingly stringent gun controls, and the red line, which shows the effect of loosening restrictive gun laws in the United States

The c data is from each of those countries, the FBI, the UK’s Office of National Statistics, the German Bendeskrimmenalpapt, and so on.As such, the only note need is that the crimes listed are in violent criminal acts per 1,000 persons, not the crimes per 100,000 that is the international standard for crime statistics. And that decline shown in the UK curv on the far right did not exist, and Parliament is not happy about “The Police fiddling the numbers.”

With more than 30,000 hours spread over almost 60 years, I have failed to find any venue that imposed gun control that did not have the effects shown in the chart.

Until those who would sent the Army to confiscate our guns become rationald we will continue to have this “debate” about gun control.A debate that is getting ever pits those who have guns and wat to live in a crime free society, and those who would prefer to live with one of the highest violent crime rates in the world if they could be relieved of the terror they feel every time a neighbor taks a cased gun to the woods to hunt for deer.


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