Remington Gets Massive Lifeline After Roundhill Group Acquisition


After much rumor and innuendo, Roundhill Group, LLC. has acquired the historic Remington brand, including long guns, shotguns, pistols, firearms manufacturing facilities, a museum and gift shop. The historic purchase officially concludes an era kicked off by Cerberus, ending in two bankruptcy filings and a mass sale of all brands.

Now the historic Remington name (excluding ammunition, purchased by Vista), seemingly remains intact, in terms of guns. Now Roundhill Group, an investment group with headquarters in Pennsylvania and Florida, leads America’s oldest gunmaker into the future.

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“As is known, Roundhill Group LLC and a group of experienced firearms manufacturing and hunting industry professionals is in the process of purchasing Remington Firearms,” said Jeff Edwards, Roundhill Group, LLC partner and spokesman. “Our intent with this acquisition is to return the company to its traditional place as an iconic American hunting brand. We intend to maintain, care for and nurture the brand and all of the dedicated employees who have crafted these products over the years for outdoors men and women both here in the USA and abroad. More than anything we want to make Remington a household name that is spoken with pride.”

Who Is Roundhill Group?

Jeff Edwards brings immediate street cred to the acquisition. A managing partner at Stryk Group, that company worked or held positions with, Hoyt Archery, Defiance Machine, and many more. Better still, he brings a passion for hunting and fishing, ethos Remington built its name upon.

“Remington, to me, represents the Harley Davidsons of the hunting firearms industry,” Edwards said. “It is one of the oldest firearms companies and to have this opportunity to invest my time and energy to revitalize the brand that I love and truly believe in is a dream come true. I can’t wait for the day when it has the loyalty, prestige and following it once had. It won’t be long. Just wait and see.”

The Remington firearms division held manufacturing and business operations in multiple states. Remington operated in Alabama, North Carolina, and Arkansas, along with the original facility, a living museum if you will, in Ilion, N.Y. One can only speculate how new ownership might consolidate these facilities. Moreover, time will tell how what Remington products survive the transition.

A major firearms conglomerate just blew up before our very eyes. At first glance, it appears many of the individual brands could see real positive movement from those acquisitions. But maybe, just maybe, no brand will get a shot in the arm like Big Green.

And that’s a win we should all be rooting for. Along with Winchester and Colt, Remington is one of the very firearm brands that eschews America. A vibrant, strong Remington is good for our industry.

It looks like they might just have some gun guys at the helm this time around. And that might just make all the difference. For more information, visit

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