Ban Media Claims Amy Coney Barrett Would Endanger Gun Safety Progress, Meaning Gun Confiscation

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USA Today, one of the flagship papers published by the rabidly far left and anti-gun Gannett Media Group, says that putting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court would endanger what they call “gun safety,”

Of course, Gannett outlets regularly ignore the facts on issues of importance to the left, and banning guns is one of Extreme Socialism’s core tenets. And this is one of those issues a Gannett outlet has studiously ignored the facts to publish propaganda of the worst sort. The sort that costs innocent people their lives.

The facts are simple. In the early 1960’s real safety organizations pegged the number of accidental firearms deaths at 6,750 a year, in 1968, State Rifle And Pistol associations, led by the National Rifle Association, began a gun safety campaign, including heavy emphasis on knowing what a shooters target is and what is behind it, the use of hunter orange clothing to make yourself more visible to others, safe storage, and so on. More than 1,000 of those deaths were of children, often children playing with guns.

By 1973, when the Center For Disease control began keeping records, the annual accidental gun death toll had dropped by almost 75%. Today, the CDC reports some 475 accidental gun deaths many of them caused by falls out of “tree stands,” off cliffs, into deep water, and actually having little to do with guns and everything to do with the victim putting himself in a dangerous place or not watching where he puts his feet.

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Child deaths, mostly of inner city children whose city administration has forbidden teaching children who see a gun to go get an adult, is down from the 1,200 a year level to this…

But the gun ban industry has not spent one dime or conducted one class in gun safety in 56 years. The National Rifle Association and its affiliated State firearms interest groups have conducted all of the classes, and spent tens of millions of dollars of members freely donated contributions to achieve what expert observers call a “near miracle.”

And they continue the campaign while extreme Socialist media organizations such as Gannett Media continue the public lies about “gun safety” and continue crediting those who had no part of the NRA led campaign for public safety they have opposed at every turn.

The six newspapers that I used to go through every weekday, the Hattiesburg American, the Jackson Clarion Ledger, the New Orleans Times Picayune, the Baton Rouge Advocate, the Memphis Commercial Appeal, and the Wall Street Journal are not delivered to me any more. I avoid those businesses that advertise in those newspapers, or on most commercial television, just because those who lie about one thing are likely to lie about everything.

And those who advertise in publications that deliberately ignore the facts to promote an economic scheme of producing at least 3,500 years of abject misery are among the worst liars,. Those who support the liars tacitly approve of their tall tales, and I am not looking for products sold through the efforts of huxters who cannot be concerned with facts.


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