Gun Ban Industry Refuses To Honor Compromises, So NPR Weeps About “No Compromise” Gun Rights Groups

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The last time the gun rights people compromized with the representatives of the gun ban industry was 1993, when we supposedly got the last restrictive gun laws the banners like Joe Biden and Dianne Feinstein would ever ask for traded the National Instant Background check System, the NICS system, for the bad joke handgun Control put up, the “Assault Weapons ban.

Willie Clinton signed that bill into law on Wednesday, November 30, 1993. At 7:30PM, EST, Friday, December 2, Handgun control’s Nelson Shields was on TV demanding stricter gun laws, including a ban on all handguns. By the end of that weekB Thursday, December 8, 1993, at least eight members of congress had echoed Shields demand.

But 1993 was the year that the floodgates on “Must Issue Licenses To Carry A Concealed Weapon,” so-called CCW’s, began driving down violent crime rates, and cut the percentage of working criminals who carried a gun at all times from 78^ to 23% . As a result, violent crime in the United States dropped dramatically, until the NICS system went into operation on November 30, 1998. As the chart below clearly shows You will fined the FBI data for the US at this link:

And if you click on the link above the chart, you can see the results of the latest gun ban campaign, which are in red at the right side of the graph.

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But the facts are simple enough. No law restricting the common folk from gun ownership and the right to transport guns has ever reduced crime, made anyone safer, or eliminated political assassinations. The laws that do that are permissive gun laws, with the most effective those laws that require gun ownership of all adults.

So America’s largest and by far the most law abiding demographic group, the shooting community has been sold out by the gun ban industry and its adherents and clients more than 100 times in 57 years. Of course we have stopped attempting to compromise with the insatialbe demands of a group intent on stripping Americans of their gun rights, for the reasons outlined in Chapter XX of Machiavelli’s The Prince.

We have been fooled into compromising more than 100 times, but no compromise has lasted more than a few weeks before the gun ban industry, of which NPR is a willing part,. As the old sw goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But in our case it has not been twice, it has been at least 107 times. And since we cannot trust the un ban industry, their clients, and their adherents to keep their end of a bargain, we have no choice but to insist on “NO MORE COMPROMISES AND NO SURRENDER.”

If you want our guns, the word from Marathon is the same as it has ever been:


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