Gun Ban Group Launches AD Campaign In Key Iowa Races

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WHO reports one of Bloomberg’s client groups has launched an ad campaign in key Iowa legislative races.

The clien is Everytown against guns, and according to the radio has a total of $2,000,000, two million dollars, to spend in races where candidates advertising spending is usually on the south side of $25,000 total.

At that rate Bloomberg’s client could field a candidate in almost every legislative race, and every one of those candidates wouild support not only banning most if not all guns, severely limiting who may own a gun, and support the “peaceful protestors” who have been terrorizing cities across our nation, including Minneapolis, Kenosha, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha.

And of course that begs the question of what gun control has already done to Iowa. The FBI Uniform Crime Report data for Iowa since 1960 are here:

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And the graphic display of the violent crime numbers for Iowa are in the chart below:

Obviously, laws that restrict law agiding Iowans access to firearms have had been imposed in Iowa at a terrible price. And now the Bloomberg backed group that will spend million s trying to flip the Iowa legislature, and reportedly more than one billion dollars to prevent President Donald J. Trump from a second term, wants to make the situation even worse by driving up the violent crime rates even further.


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