Trump: Can Beat Biden Even With Less Money

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President Donald Trump said Monday he’s still willing to put some of his own money into his reelection campaign if it’s needed, but insisted “we don’t need money,” even with Joe Biden’s campaign holding a $141 million advantage over his. 

“They’ve always had more money than the Republicans,” Trump told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “When I ran against ‘crooked Hillary’ (Clinton), I had 25% of the money that she had … she’s still saying ‘what happened? Darling, does anyone know what happened?’ She spent all that money and nobody ever gave me credit. You know, my father taught me if you can do something and win for less, that’s a good thing. Not a bad thing.”

Trump added that he could raise “so much money if I took one day and just started making phone calls to rich people…I could get so much money in one day, give me one day and a telephone, I could get all these rich people that I know very well to put up millions of dollars.”

However, he said that he also doesn’t want to be “obligated” to donors. 

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“As an example, I’m going to drop medicine prices down 50, 60, 70% with my favored nations,” said Trump. “I’m not indebted to the drug companies. They have so much control over politicians … I’m sure they gave a lot of money to the Democrats.”

Trump also won’t be getting as much money from the National Rifle Association because New York state is “trying to destroy them” with lawsuits. 

“The NRA’s given me their ultimate endorsement, the greatest and strongest endorsement, but they’re spending all of their money on fighting the attorney general of New York,” said Trump. “They’re trying to destroy the NRA. And that’s a shame, that’s a shame. And the reason they’re trying to do that is because, you’re right, they were a big donor and a big backer, and I think they gave us $35 million, somebody told me.”

Trump said he told the NRA a year ago it should leave New York and “go to Texas or someplace where they want you, Florida,” but it didn’t listen to his advice. 

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