The Worst Senator In Congress Gives Us A Glimpse Of His World

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Townhall has, of all things, a review of the very worst Senator currently serving in Congress. In it, Connecticut’s Senator with the worst record still serving reveals that he thinks the United States is a violent place, that it has always been violent and it follows that he believes we stupid and violent Americans must be disarmed to civilize us.

Amd tjat os as far as O care tp gp de;vomg into the darknesses that marks Murphy’s mind. For those who would look at his record, on the issues . org is at this link.

Biwm ib ge record the United Nations recognize 195 political entities that have sufficient local control to qualify as countries, such as Andorra, Melilla.,” and others. Of the 188 entities for which have returned crime statistics, the United States has the 122nd highest homicide rate, and the 127th highest violent crime rate in the world. Obviously, the United States of America, the country Chris Murphy calls violent is far, far, far down on the list of violent countires.

Compared to the overall leader, Venezuela, the US rate is about 2% of the Venezuelan Confining ourselves to industrialized nations, the runaway leader is the UK, whose violent crime rate is more than Seven times ours, and our overall, all crimes included crime rate is about the same as the UK’s violent crime rate, and whose murder rate is far above the rate for the European American murder victimization rate.

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Further, as the chart below clearly shows the murder rate in the so-called “Wild West” was, excluding the results of cross border raids and Indian Wars, the National Homicide Rate was as low as 0.4 er 100,000.And, until the 1940’s most American homes did not have a lock on the door, considering locks unnecessary in a society with little or no property crime.

Of course, Murphy is a very young person. He does not recall the days when you could buy a key to every door lock other than the bankfor 10 cents at any dime store. He actually believes the garbage he is spewing. He just needs to get outdorrs, and lane wash the amniotic fluid from behind his ears.

But he is in a positiion of great responsiblity.The results of gun control are clearly visible in the cart below. Anyone who would come from a State where gun control had done that much damage to society and call for more of the same does not need to be a lawmaker.

In my opinion, a person would live in the sort of dangerous society and call for more gun control is eminently fit to ride the back of a garbage truck until they gain wisdom, instead of making laws in ignorance.


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