City Of Philadelphia Declares “Gun Violence Emergency”

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WHYY Reports the City of Philadelphia has responded to the surge in firearms facilitated criminal victimization their anti-gun efforts have brought on by declaring a “gun violence emergency.”

There is no big secret that a gun control campaign has almost as dire consequences as a full blown gun “control” scheme. Any action that makes criminals feel their trade is safer will drive up violent crime rates, at a rate dependent on economic and societal factors. Philadelphia has some of the most critical conditions imaginable. Police Commissioner turned Mayor Frank Rizzo underreported crime to an extent that it is not possible to get accurate picture of crime i in The City of Brotherly Love. However, However, in 1993 the City reported 625 murders, a total that comes nowhere near the media count, by victims name, address, and place of death total of nearly 800 violent deaths. That is far higher than the projected 450 murders in 2020.

Philadelphia was not the only Pennsylvania City to short report its crime numbers, but even a look at the State’s violent crime and homicide numbers are instructive. The FBI data the chart is based on is available at this link.

The Chart starts with the last years of the slow decline in crime from 1933 to 1963. Early in 1964 the entertainment industry’s efforts to divert Congress from an investigation of scientific studies linking explicit interpersonal violence on the small screen with rising violence rates in a few ciites resulted in the entertainment industry’s “Send the Army and take themall” gun control campaign.

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As with every other gun control campaign or law since 1495, violent crime began to rise, and the curve steepened when Congress imposed the “Firearms Act of 1968 as a part of an Omnibus Crime Bill. From then until the State preempted the patchwork of local laws, and enacted a sane “Concealed Carry Weapons Permit system in the early years of the 21st Century.

And now Philadelphia actually wants to reverse all of the progress made in controlling crime by reinstating laws that drove the violent crime rate through the roof – and add even more crime producing restrictions to them.

Bluntly, that is no way to run a city, a State, or a Nation. It is not progress to ignore more than 58,309 consecutive bloody failures, in hopes of enacting a success.

From a life that has now stretched to 87 years, I can tell anyone who wants to know that copying a failure is the best known way to fail. It is either time for the Philadelphia City Administration to act counterintuitively, and free the law abiding to police their own premises until the police arrive.

No matter how great the temptation is to make the criminal class, who only very rarely try to buy a gun fro a legitimate source, the only people who have guns. That does not work, and has cost the lives of more than 800,000 Americans since 1963.


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