Gallery: Best Engraved And Custom Guns (2020)

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Gun Digest‘s annual review of the finest examples of beauty and artistry in the world of custom guns.

What Are The Best Custom And Engraved Guns:

Reto Buehler Custom Springfield M22

Reto Buehler custom rifle
Photos by Brian Dierks

This fantastic rifle began as a desire from a client of Reto Buehler. The client had commissioned two big-game rifles from Reto previously and he expressed a desire to have Reto build him a full-sized rifle, but chambered for the diminutive .22 LR rimfire cartridge. Reto couldn’t resist the challenge. He started with a Springfield M22 training rifle and transformed it into the magnificent rifle shown here. It has all the bells and whistles of an express rifle, but chambered for the rimfire cartridge. All work by Reto Buehler.

Reto Buehler British Express Rifle

Reto Buehler 2 custom gun
Photos by Brian Dierks

A typical Buehler British Express rifle, using a Granite Mountain Arms (GMA) small-ring action, Pac-Nor barrel and custom-machined quarter rib, front sight ramp and barrel band. Turkish walnut stock with 24 lpi checkering and light engravings done by John Todd. The GMA factory bottom metal was replaced with a Blackburn/Swift drop-box magazine.

Brian Powley Colt Single Action

Brian Powley custom revolver
Photos by Sam Welch

The Engravers’ Choice Award of Merit at the annual Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) Exhibition of 2020 was presented to Brian Powley for his masterful engraving of this Colt Single Action, .38 caliber. Brian executed his engraving pattern in keeping with original factory Colt styling. He did an outstanding job.
Photos by Sam Welch

Brian Hochstrat Browning O/U

Custom Guns 12
Photos by Brian Hochstrat

Brian Hochstrat knows his way around an engraving bench to be sure. A former professional bull rider, Brian learned early on there had to be a better way to make a living, and took up the art of engraving. This Browning O/U is an example of how he has mastered his art. To use the term magnificent is not strong enough to describe his work. This Browning was awarded the Best Engraved Shotgun prize and the Engravers’ Choice Award of Merit by his peers.

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Lee Griffiths Custom Cabot Guns 1911

Custom Guns 8
Photos by Sam Welch

Lee Griffiths is one of the most talented and most unique engravers I know. It doesn’t take a lot of experience viewing his artistry to be able to discern his work from across a big room. At the recently concluded FEGA Exhibition, Lee received two awards, the Artistic Uniqueness Award and the Best Engraved Single Shot Rifle Award.

Marty Rabeno Winchester Model 1876

Marty Rabeno
Photo by Sam Welch

A typical example of Marty Rabeno’s outstanding artistry on one of his favorite canvases, a Winchester Model 1876. I’ve seen quite a number of engravings done by Marty and most all have been on lever-action Winchesters. This exquisite ’76 won the award for Best Engraved Rife and also the Engravers’ Choice Award of Merit at the recently completed Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) Exhibition.

Draw A Bead On Custom Guns

Dale Bass Remington .45 ACP

Dale Bass
Photos by Sam Welch

This Remington .45 ACP was beautifully engraved by Dale Bass of Amarillo, Texas. His work is new to me, but he is obviously turning out excellent engraving. This 1911 would look great in anyone’s collection.

Melissa McMinn Cabot 1911

Melissa McMinn
Photos by Sam Welch

Melissa McMinn is another engraver who is new to me. While I had not previously seen her work, I do know the engraver who mentored her, John Barraclough. Her unique styling is not often seen, but it is exceptionally well-executed. This Cabot 1911 that she embellished won the Best Engraved Handgun Award at the FEGA Exhibition.

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